Welcome to Phoenix Investment Fund, Inc.

What We Do

We are a team of highly motivated professionals working tirelessly in a creative way to bring you best options to invest your money in world markets.

Our main focus is on finding business solutions for companies worldwide.

We can assist in prospecting customers, in the development and physical or digital integration of your company’s products and services and in obtaining financing for your best ideas.

With a staff of qualified professionals working in New York, Tallinn, London, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Johannesburg and Singapore, we can do our job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Phoenix

Phoenix Investment Fund, Inc is a US incorporated investment fund registered under SEC Rule 506(c) with authority to issue 251,000,000 common shares plus 249,000,000 preferred shares, both at a par value of US$ 1.00 each, totalling US$ 500,000,000.00.

SEC Rule 506(c) permits issuers to broadly solicit and generally advertise an offering, provided that:

a)all purchasers in the offering are accredited investors; b)the issuer takes reasonable steps to verify purchasers’ accredited investor status and certain other conditions in Regulation D are satisfied. Purchasers in a Rule 506(c) offering receive “restricted securities.”

Contact us to receive full information regarding this matter.


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