Phoenix Silver Tokens

Phoenix Investment Fund, Inc is a US fund incorporated in Wyoming in 2018 and registered with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) under Rule 506 (c), authorized to issue up to $ 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million dollars) in shares.

No assets compare to silver

Silver prices in the last five years in US Dollars (price per gram)

Unlike “virtual currencies”, which are subject to fraud, loss, etc., silver is a REAL physical asset.

Silver is an excellent option for gold, because in addition to costing much less in the purchase, it has been consistently increasing in recent years.

Silver is used in smartphone circuits, in automobile catalysts, batteries, solar panels and in various industrial processes. As the world production of silver is limited, the trend is for increasing appreciation.

Phoenix Silver Tokens (1) guarantee that you can make a profit by investing in silver with the contractual repurchase guarantee.

PHOSLV tokens are BEP20 ( Binance Smart Chain ) tokens at Pancake Swap and you can put it into your MetaMask wallet easily using below Contract Address:


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