Gold & Silver Coins and Bars

Phoenix Investment Fund, Inc is a US fund incorporated in Wyoming in 2018 and registered with the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) under Rule 506 (c), authorized to issue up to $ 500,000,000.00 (five hundred million dollars) in shares.

You can buy gold, platinum, palladium and silver from us in bars, coins, wafers, rounds – even jewellery.

  • Buy, sell or withdraw at anytime.
  • Withdraw your bullion to take physical possession at anytime.
  • You have full direct legal ownership of your physically allocated bullion items always.
  • Your assets are fully insured against all risks at full replacement value. 
  • You will receive a “Vault Certificate” listing all bullion products currently held in vault storage.

All your metal assets will be securely stored & audited in the best precious metals vault storage in the world – BullionStar

They are located at 45 New Bridge Rd, Singapore, Postal Code 059398

Make no mistake: we do not deal with “paper gold”, we sell just real thing.

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